Friday, December 4, 2015

The winners are..

Audience award:

The video that collected most "likes" and spread the idea of EDIT challenge is

From 0 to Hero

from 0 to hero from PHOOE on Vimeo.

3rd in jury scores is

The jury has this to say about the video:

"Technique used was very impressive - made me think of wonderful RSA animate videos. Probably very useful with schools to introduce the issue."
The Volcano video presents a relevant topic in a very creative way. Society is faced with an increasing barage of events resulting in frustration. This reflects on the children in the classroom. This cartoon presents effective anger coping mechanisms of unpredictable and disturbing events."
The anger volcano is very good to use in adult education. it is an modern way to show how people feel when it’s getting hot in them and how they can cool down."
I would emphasize having focused on the emotions and how to manage those, illustrated by animation"

2nd in jury's scores is

The jury has this to say about the video:

"It's a creative demonstration video, title works on many levels: acting was tense, athmosphere was tense... and the content of the video - off course - was TENSE. Very poetic and artistic."
Video is metaphorically powerful and suggesting"
Tense used simple yet excellent film techniques to present a difficult to understand subject. In a simple way, the makers have been able to clarify these verb tense/aspect combinations."
Tense is a film with very impressing atmosphere, while using a very clear topic: tense. But when you listen and watch you learn much more about it."

And the winner of EDIT 2015 is


Jury's comments:

"It had an important message for all ages. It was fun and it worked on two levels: 1) the message and 2) How to do... -video."
From an educational point of view it showed a meaningful and inclusive approach, powerful and practical message."
The waste hero is the best because it includes a very important massage to us all and it solves the problem in a very funny, cute and pedagogical way."
Waste hero was a great combination of all the criteria set for this competition. It was an interesting story, good filming, and creative background."

EDIT 2015 - Educational video challenge screening shortlist

Alright, it is Friday December 4th 16:00 GMT / 17:00 CET / 18:00 EET!
Time for EDIT 2015 screening!

You can follow live broadcast from Austria here
(and scroll down to watch shortlisted videos at your own pace).

The jury watched all submitted videos, scored them according to the assessment criteria mentioned in this blog. We saw many clouds, a lot of keys and wonderful heroes.

The shortlist of 20 highest scored videos.
(In no particular order.)

At Vimeo:

How to be a teacher

From 0 to hero

At Youtube:

Unfortunately, not every video will be screened in a two hour screening but you can watch all of them online. There were a few videos that should check if they are using copyrighted music or other material such as copyright protected characters. Maybe the copyright holders aren't after teacher students in the first place, but for future's sake I recommend that you check if you are allowed to use the copyrighted material. Sometimes you just need to ask for a permission, sometimes it's a matter of money and sometimes the answer is just "no". Mistakes are part of learning process, and these mistakes can be corrected. And certainly choose the CC-license when you want people to use your cc -licensed youtube video for educational purposes.

It was probably a challenge for many participants to fully understand what is a pedagogical video and what is meant by educational value of the video! I guarantee you, it is somewhat of a challenge for experienced educators as well - at least to score that value! Still, all videos had some educational value - the hard part was that the pedagogical idea wasn't always defined by the makers. Some videos kept jury guessing, some laughing (in a good way) and honestly, a few even touched jury's feelings.
All were worth watching!

Thank you all who worked, submitted, watched, liked and participated!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Ready, set, go!

The challenge will be published

November 30 at 12:00 GMT/13:00 CET/14:00 EET

here in front page of this blog and on our

event Facebook page

1. Start working on your video once you learn the key words of the challenge. Make a team or work alone - that's up to you. Learn the assessment criteria we use and make sure you know how to submit your video to the challenge.

2. You have 72 hours - starting Monday Nov 30th at 12:00 GMT/13:00 CET/14:00 EET - and ending Thursday Dec 3rd at 12:00 GMT/13:00 CET/14:00 EET. Jury will not consider the videos submitted after the deadline.

4. Your submission needs to be linked to the event Facebook page from Youtube or Vimeo. By submitting your video to the challenge you allow the educational use of your video. Videos or parts of them can be used for promoting the EDIT challenge. You should choose cc-license from youtube settings for your video. Set up your Youtube (or Vimeo) account if you haven't got one yet.

5. When uploading your video add a short description of the video in the info settings of the Youtube / Vimeo. Describe the target group and briefly explain the pedagogical idea behind the video. Also add your names and contact info (email).

6. Upload the original video file here.
We need the original file for the screening that happen in different countries. Original file is larger and the organizers need to download it in order to avoid internet connection problems during the screening and have the best possible quality video.

7. There's an award for audience favourite! It is determined by the Facebook "likes" at the event Facebook page. So spread the idea, share the event page, share the videos and ask you friends to cheack out the EDIT videos and like them on the even Facebook page. The sooner you upload your video the more time it will have to get views and likes.

Questions? Contact your local organizers or get in touch on the event Facebook page!

Friday, November 6, 2015

EDIT2015 in Facebook

Check in here as well!

Links to all EDIT2015 films will be published here. Audience favourite will be chosen based on "likes" the film gets on this Facebook page. So - spread the link and ask people to check out EDIT2015 films and like them on this EDIT2015 Event Facebook page.

Getting ready for EDIT2015 - Webinar

EDIT2015 webinar

Webinar recordings:

Quick guide for firts time participants

What is EDIT? The idea behind educational films and video pedagogy.
Blair Stevenson, Oulu University of Applied Sciences (Oulu, Finland)

Getting started!From guidelines to ideas - from ideas to script - from script to production.
Janne Länsitie, Oulu University of Applied Sciences

Getting technical!Cameras, filming, audio - learn to know basics of the tools.
Christian Kogler, University College of Education Upper Austria (Linz, Austria)

Copyright issues and publishing your work online

Janne Länsitie, Oulu University of Applied Sciences